Blender architectural visualization test

architectural visualization of an office

A visualization test of our office using Blender internal render engine and Blender node editor and compositor.

Original rendering @ 1920×800:
Kubuntu Linux 11.04 64-bit
AMD Phenom II (4×3.2GhZ)
8GB DDR3 1333
1GB DDR5 Video RAM + 24 CUDA cores

6-10 minutes per frame x 250 frames +/- 30 hours render time

Conclusion: Probably should have used YafaRay to render, as a test frame gave virtually the same results with 1 minute per frame. We did a test with and it took 1/3 the time.

2 Responses so far.

  1. H4Group says:

    Great visualisation. See more architectural rendering at:

  2. Ayushi Ahuja says:

    3D Architectural visualisation is the future of designing as this completely covers each and every dimension of the construction place. This test is just awesome, very fine visualisation clip.

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