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Ristorante La Baia Website

  Visit the website of Ristorante La Baia at: We designed and developed the website for Ristorante La Baia in Cremia, Como Italy. Every piece of it is custom made built on the jQuery framework, including a custom CMS.

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E-commerce in Italy

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A few statistics for the morning: 60,8 million: Total population 12,9 million: Online consumers 57%: Population online 21%: Consumers online € 3,3 billion: E-commerce value (2011) 18%: Forecasted 4 year growth Sources: FORRESTER (Feb 2012) Nielsen/NetRatings (Ott 2012)

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45 minutes with Farnsworth House – Architectural Visualization

So, I decided to publish the results of 45 minutes of lighting and texturing work done in Blender on the famous Farnsworth House. Yes, the yellow blob in the background is the sun and… at the moment it seems that Farnsworth House has moved from Plano, Illinois to some tropical island… but well… it’s 45 […]

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Creativity comes from all over and Bob Costas

Ok, so I had to post this somehow, cause it’s inspiring… and I guess inspiration and creativity are more or less the same thing… the thing that fuels your creative production, your creation is not always (or not usually) something that has anything to do with your creation, but a thing that is just inspiring […]

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New website

So, our new site is ALMOST there… There are still a few big things to finish off and quite a few finishing touches… but we’ve almost made it! 🙂 Expect a LOT more site updates especially on the portfolio and news side of things from now on. Please, please, please let us know what you […]

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Oops WordPress Twitter updater…

Oops… So, we’re transitioning to WordPress and the WP Twitter plugin REALLY likes throwing out the Tweets when you change every little thing on the site… which happen to filter down to Facebook and dump nonsense all over the internet. Sorry 🙁

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Animated World: Blocking out

  This is an entire animated world blocked out for an animated children’s series. What comes next it to replaces these cubes with detailed models… then it is brought to life and characters are added. All being produced with Blender 2.6 (w/ Cycles) on Linux machines.

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TV spot for In Liguria tourism

A 1 minute TV spot / mood piece for ‘In Liguria’, promoting tourism in Liguria. All done in a VERY long day of shooting, adventure and LOTS of driving.

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The secret to writing a TV show

A 45 second documentary on how to write a tv show. Timelapse animation of writing out the format for a kids show (with a bit of a twist).

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Ava Forza Naturale(Curiosity is happiness)

La curiosità é felicitá / Curiosity is happiness Il vento soffia, l’acqua scorre e purifica, le farfalle volano e i bambini giocano. Questa è la bellezza e la curiosità della natura. Versione: 37 secondi The wind blows, water flows and purifies, butterflies flutter by and children play. This is the beauty and the curiosity of […]

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