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Project Fontanedo: Architectural Visualization

The first look at Project Fontanedo with a basic architectural visualization. As the project moves on more design details will be added and new videos will be produced. Renderings all done in Cycles and modeled in Blender.

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45 minutes with Farnsworth House – Architectural Visualization

So, I decided to publish the results of 45 minutes of lighting and texturing work done in Blender on the famous Farnsworth House. Yes, the yellow blob in the background is the sun and… at the moment it seems that Farnsworth House has moved from Plano, Illinois to some tropical island… but well… it’s 45 […]

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Animated World: Blocking out

  This is an entire animated world blocked out for an animated children’s series. What comes next it to replaces these cubes with detailed models… then it is brought to life and characters are added. All being produced with Blender 2.6 (w/ Cycles) on Linux machines.

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Test clips from got milk commercial

Posting some test clips from a commercial we did for the ‘Got Milk?’ campaign we did in the U.S. a few months ago. Here is the final draft of it. We will post the finished version when we are able to. And two earlier test clips with Blender Internal render information ‘stamped’ into the frame. […]

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Car Chase Without Cars

Composite, animation and rendered in Blender Our goal was to create a car chase without any cars. This is just a test render. The final cuts between front and back of the cars quite quickly with a few fixes, etc.  

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Blender architectural visualization test

A visualization test of our office using Blender internal render engine and Blender node editor and compositor. Original rendering @ 1920×800: Kubuntu Linux 11.04 64-bit AMD Phenom II (4×3.2GhZ) 8GB DDR3 1333 1GB DDR5 Video RAM + 24 CUDA cores 6-10 minutes per frame x 250 frames +/- 30 hours render time Conclusion: Probably should […]

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Video of Blender Ocean Sim tests

Testing Houdini Ocean Simulation Tools with Blender. Also testing lens distortion node and color correction nodes in Blender. Original rendering @ 1920×800: Kubuntu Linux 11.04 64-bit AMD Phenom II (4×3.2GhZ) 8GB DDR3 1333 1GB DDR5 Video RAM + 24 CUDA cores Rendering with shoe: +/- 1 minute per frame Rendering with ball: +/- 20 seconds […]

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