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ShinyGoldShoes Motion Graphics and Post-Production Showreel 2014

Here you have it: Our first half of 2014 showreel! Some featured projects include: Gruppo Industriali Maccaferri Corporate Profile, Officine Maccaferri Profile, Cigaro Toscano Profile, SAMP Corporate Profile, Exergy Radial Outflow Turbine and Food Therapy.

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TV spot for In Liguria tourism

A 1 minute TV spot / mood piece for ‘In Liguria’, promoting tourism in Liguria. All done in a VERY long day of shooting, adventure and LOTS of driving.

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Test clips from got milk commercial

Posting some test clips from a commercial we did for the ‘Got Milk?’ campaign we did in the U.S. a few months ago. Here is the final draft of it. We will post the finished version when we are able to. And two earlier test clips with Blender Internal render information ‘stamped’ into the frame. […]

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