I nostri metodi

We like to think of ourselves as an ’open-source eco-friendly multimedia production boutique’… Now, how we came to the conclusion of ’who we are’ is based on our working methods.

First of all, we aim to work in an ’eco-friendly’ manner with a community focus. So, for instance, our web servers run on 100% wind energy. We also strive to recycle 100% of our waste; meaning all our waste-paper, plastic, glass and metal are recycled. We are also looking into alternative sources of power to run our studio. At the moment, we use Energy Star compliant monitors and our computers are power-managed.

When it comes to software and our workflow we work with open-source software in a community focused manner as much as we possibly can. All our work (with the exception of video editing, which we use the Sony Vegas Pro editing suite, as Linux was not up to our video editing standard (although, we’re playing with a development version of Kdenlive that is VERY impressive) and Sony offers a fabulous editing system) is done on the Linux operating system (Kubuntu 64-bit) using software such as GIMPBlenderEclipseAptanaOpenOfficeK3bBOINCInkscape, etc.

’Multimedia production boutique’ – We use the leading open-source technology to create completely customized multimedia content, including web design and development, videos, branding, animation and whatever graphics/audio/visual topics you might think of, odds say, we have something to do with it.